Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

William Eggleston - The Democratic Forest

In 2015 "Steidl" created an amazing and massive project by William Eggleston, "The Democratic Forest". This is an impressive slipcase including 10 books (ISBN 978-3-86930-792-3). 1328 pages and 1010 photographs. After "Chromes" in 2011 and "Los Alamos Revisited" in 2012 the third major project in the Eggleston series.
"The Democratic Forest" is not only impressive by its photographs and dimension, it's also about how books are manufactured.
Yes and it smells well...! 

In october 2016, "The New York Times Style Magazine" had a special feature on William Eggleston, the pioneer of color photography. The article is by Augusten Burroughs, portrait by Wolfgang Tillmans. All images are from Eggleston's "The Democratic Forest" series.
By the way, on the cover there is Michelle Obama, photographed by Collier Schorr.

If you take a closer look and compare these two publications, it's funny somehow. There is a difference between the picture detail.

photographs © Helmut Karl Lackner